Process modeling and simulation software used by major sugar companies around the world.
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Welcome to Sugars International LLC

Sugars International LLC is proud to present the Sugars™ for Windows® process modeling and simulation software. Sugars is a powerful program to analyze and improve both beet or cane sugar factories and refineries. It has a graphical interface that makes it easy to use, and it is very flexible for modeling different processes.

VideoSee change in steam consumption when a flash tank is added to a multiple effect

The Leading Software

Sugars is the world's most widely-used sugar process simulator. Companies and consultants have used the program since 1986 to build realistic models that simulate the behavior of sugar factories and refineries. Users can quickly analyze hundreds, or even thousands, of variations to refine their designs until the process performance is optimized. Drag-and-drop is used to place shapes of equipment stations on the drawing and a connection tool is used to connect the stations with flow streams. Performance data for each station is entered using data entry forms that are accessed by double clicking the station's shape. Sugars does the mass, heat and color balance calculations and the results give the revenues generated by the process, sugar yield, steam consumption, molasses characteristics, color, electrical production, and other engineering data for every flow stream in the model.

What used to take weeks, or even years, to analyze and test can now be done in hours using Sugars. Users have dramatically reduced the time and cost of making process improvements, while significantly improving the performance of their factories. Sugars is revolutionizing sugar process design for sugar companies, engineering firms, and consultants!

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