Rogers Sugar operates one cane refinery in Vancouver, Canada and one beet factory in Taber, Canada – each has a copy of Sugars™. An associated company, Lantic Sugar in Montreal, Canada also has a copy of the program.

We have used Sugars™ since 1989. Our principle use has been for material and energy balances around evaporators and heaters. On first receiving the program, we were quite happy to save the full cost of Sugars™ on one evaporator calandria replacement. We used the program to calculate a heating surface area that was smaller than the one that we were replacing and the difference in cost was more than enough to pay for the program. In 1997, we used the program for the heat and material portion of a 50% expansion of our beet factory. The consulting engineering firm for the expansion wanted to do this work and pass on substantial charges for doing it, but we opted to use Sugars™ and our own personnel. The expansion is now complete and the steam and material balances have proven to be very accurate. The work involved the installation of a complete new evaporator station and the addition of a number of new heaters.

Prior to getting the program, I personally did many evaporator calculations and wrote programs to assist in this work. However there is no substitute for the ease of use and accurateness of the Sugars™ program at such a reasonable cost.