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Process Simulator

Sugars International LLC has developed Sugars™ for Windows® process simulator and modeling software with an easy graphical interface. This provides flexibility to model different processes for both beet and cane sugar factories and refineries.

Leading Worldwide Software—Sugars™

Developed in 1986, Sugars™ is the world's most widely used simulation software for sugar manufacturing and has been commonly used by companies, engineering firms, and consultants. This software has significantly improved the performance of our customers’ factories by analyzing hundreds or even thousands of variations to refine design until the process performance is optimized. What used to take weeks or even years takes only hours with Sugars™.

It’s as simple as drag and drop! Place the shapes of equipment stations on a drawing, and a tool is used to connect the stations with flow streams. Performance data for each station is entered and analyzed through a simple process. The Sugars™ modeling software handles the complicated calculations with efficiency and accuracy. Sugars™ does the mass, heat, and color balance calculations. The results give the:

  • Revenues Generated by the Process
  • Sugar Yield
  • Steam Consumption
  • Molasses Characteristics
  • Color
  • Electrical Production
  • Other Engineering Data for Every Flow Stream in the Model

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