Sugars™ Software Overview

SUGARS™ is a powerful tool for analyzing and improving cane and beet factories and refineries worldwide. Because of its flexibility, it can calculate the material, heat, and color balances for virtually any sugar process, regardless of the process technique or equipment used.

The SUGARS™ processes outlined below cover everything from simple evaporators and complex boiling schemes to complete factories with sophisticated molasses desugarization systems.

  • Predict Operating Results

    Sugars™ does material, heat, and color balances. 

    To simulate the process, a Sugars™ model is developed for an existing sugar process, factory, or refinery. The results from the simulation and actual process data are compared to verify the model’s accuracy. Adjustments can be made to the model to see if the performance will improve. Sugars™ predicts the change in operating results by doing the complete mass, heat, and color balances while considering all changes in vapor-liquid, sucrose solubility, and crystallization. 

  • Making Investment Decisions

    Net process revenue is the difference in revenues from all products (sugar, molasses, bagasse, pulp, etc.) and the cost of all consumables (cane, beet, raw sugar, steam, water, chemicals, etc.). Net process revenue will show the differences between the original and changed scenario to assist in making investment decisions related to process changes and equipment purchases. 

    Using Sugars™, management can quickly evaluate changes and look at the net process and revenues generated by the factory for each of the proposed changes to assess capital investment accurately and efficiently. Within minutes, management can evaluate the economics of an investment and, at the same time, consider the effect of the proposed change on the other areas of the process. 

  • Provide Process Information

    Sugars™ provides information about the process that can’t be measured. 

    Some flow streams in a factory cannot be monitored because of their location or because the instruments used to measure simply can’t do so effectively. Sugars™ simulation will provide full details of every flow stream in the process by determining characteristics of the existing and evaluating inference from other flow streams. This information may be necessary when designing equipment for the process or to develop a more thorough understanding of the process. 

  • Design Factories & Reconcile Data

    Using Sugars™ simulation, factory data can be reconciled by comparing measured and replicated values. Data that is not consistent can be disregarded; thus, the integrity of measured data is improved through this process. Crosschecking measured values can help identify faulty measuring devices, and reconciled data can result in more accurate management reports. 

  • Increase Yield

    Sugars™ can evaluate process or equipment changes to increase yield. 

    Sugar yield can be increased by process and equipment changes. Changes in equipment performance can be entered into the Sugars™ model to evaluate the change in sugar production. Process changes, such as imbibition water for mills, filter press performance, different boiling schemes, and centrifugal performance, can be modeled and tested to evaluate how sugar production would change. Molasses desugarization, ion exchange, membrane filtration, etc., all can be modeled and simulated to evaluate their effect on the sugar yield. 

  • Meet Net Zero Sustainability Goals

    Sugars™ helps factory staff ensure environmental sustainability goals are met.  With Sugars™, you can quickly identify the option that has the most significant potential for reducing air emissions, wastewater discharge, or solid waste generation. You can compare these benefits with your internal targets and regulatory requirements to determine the most sustainable approach for operational or capital improvements. 

  • Train Process Engineers

    Sugars™ is used to train process engineers by teaching the operating characteristics. Process engineers can learn while building the Sugars™ model used to simulate the performance of a factory or refinery. As changes are made, the process engineer can observe the results from the changes and gain valuable operating experience that might otherwise take years to acquire from actual factory operations. 

  • Reduce Energy

    Sugars™ can help reduce energy consumption.  Energy savings can come from many sources. Modeling and simulation allow rapid evaluation of each test scenario to arrive at a process or equipment change that can reduce the energy consumption of a factory. With quick simulation scenarios, energy reduction can be evaluated to reduce costs. 

  • Evaluate R&D Projects

    Research and development (R&D) projects can be modeled and simulated before funds are committed with Sugars™. The expected performance of the new process or equipment is entered into the model, and a simulation is made to evaluate its effectiveness in improving factory operations. Projects that show significant potential financial gains can be prioritized over those that are less attractive, allowing for quick adjustments. 

  • Sugars Operating Features

    Sugars™ offers a comprehensive performance enhancement solution for sugar factories and refineries. Its advanced features, including the robust XML Import and Export feature that automates the import and export of factory data, make it stand out. Additionally, the Excel add-in seamlessly integrates with Sugars™, enabling users to track and compare data efficiently.

    Sugars™ operating features are built from the direct feedback of our customers. Together we model excellence!

    · Analyze unlimited numbers of factories and/or configurations through simulation

    · XML Import and Export feature with the ability to fully automate the import and export of factory data.

    · Microsoft® Excel® – Add-in. Allows for seamless integration of model data to Excel® spreadsheets.

    · Printouts are provided for the mass, heat, and color balances and the net process revenues to easily review

    · Different station types can be customized to construct a flow diagram of the factory, and the stations can be arranged in any order

    · Sugars™ Help Files provides many examples, including the following models:

    · Beet sugar factory

    · Cane sugar factory

    · Cane refinery

    · Ethanol Distillation

    · Ion exchange and molasses desugarization

    Licensing – We offer online licensing that ensures authentic license management, effortless accessibility, flexible licensing options, and a range of choices to cater to our customer’s requirements.