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Our Published Papers:

  • Process Modeling Using Sugars™ — Beet Factory Download
  • Process Modeling Using Sugars ™ — Cane Factory Download
  • Process Systems Engineering for the Sugar Industry: Concept and Applications Download
  • Potential Role of a Superheated Steam Dryer in an Energy Cane/Sweet Sorghum Biorefinery – Download
  • Improvements of Raw Sugar Quality Using Double Purge of C-Magma – Download
  • Biodiesel Production from Microalgae Co-location with Sugar Mills – Download
  • Using Sugars™ for Mill Optimization Projects – Download

  • A Single Strike Boiling Scheme – Download
  • Influence of Reduced Temperature in Evaporation and Crystallization on the Sugar Quality and Energy Consumption in Sugar Production – Download
  • Thoughts on Refinery Boiling Schemes – Download
  • Modeling a Continuous Pan Installation Using Sugars™ for Windows® – Download
  • Automated Factory Exception Reporting Using Sugars™ 4.X Mass and Energy Balance Software – Download
  • Development of Factory Performance Curves Using Sugars™ For Windows – Download
  • Effects of Raw Sugar Quality on the Design of a Sugar Refinery – Download
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