Company Profile

Sugars International LLC was founded in 1984 by Warner Weiss. Since its launch in 1986, the Sugars™ software has sold in over 40 countries and is widely used within the cane and beet industry. Mr. Weiss built a computer simulation software company focused on developing software that would be the most versatile and user-friendly version within the sugar industry.

Loyal Sugars™ users have promoted the software through word-of-mouth advertising, making it the most widely used process modeling and simulation software in the world. Mr. Weiss, as well as other industry professionals, have published many papers in sugar technology journals and at technology meetings proclaiming the benefits of this unique and powerful software.

Our Company Today

Following Mr. Weiss’ passing in 2016, Sugars International LLC has sustained business operations with leadership that is dedicated to the same founding principles. Through the support of highly experienced engineers, our company is thriving and still emphasizes software development, continuing the legacy of world-renowned product leadership.

Sugars™ Software Evolution

Many new features and enhancements have been added to Sugars™ to expand its versatility since its introduction in 1986. Today, Sugars™ can model beet or cane sugar factories and refineries of almost any configuration. Our progress is outlined below:

  • 1984: Sugars International LLC began operating in November.
  • 1985: Development of the Sugars™ Computer Program began in January of 1985. The program was first used to calculate the heat and material balance and to evaluate a sucrose separator for molasses desugarization at the Twin Falls beet sugar factory, owned by the Amalgamated Sugar Company.
  • 1986: The first copies of the program were licensed to Spreckels Sugar Company in May and American Crystal Sugar Company in July.
  • 1987: Licensed and expanded to other sugar companies, the program was called PC-SUGARS at the time. The earliest versions of the program did not include integration of the evaporator balance into a model.
  • 1988: With the release of version 2.20 on July 1, a completely integrated model of a sugar factory was possible for the first time, and the first models of complete beet sugar factories were built in July. The name of the program was simplified to Sugars™ when version 2.22 was released in November. In December, the new Sugars™ for Windows® version of Sugars™ was introduced for the Microsoft Windows® 95, 98, and NT 32-bit operating systems. The Windows® version incorporated a full graphical interface for building models using Visio® software as the graphical diagramming engine.
  • 1999: Visio Corporation was purchased by Microsoft, and subsequently Visio was integrated into the Microsoft Office product line.
  • 2004: XML Date Import/Export was added as an add-on feature of the Sugars™ software.
  • 2020: Sugars™ 4.1.0 In this release, all the user interface and Microsoft Visio interoperability code has been upgraded to the most recent .NET architecture, ensuring continued compatibility with Microsoft Windows operating systems and current/future versions of Visio. There is also the addition of several new features, including automation of the XML Import/Export and balancing functionality. Please contact us today for additional information about this significant update to Sugars™.
  • 2021:  Sugars™ 4.3.0 Announces Sugars™ Online Licensing Server.  Our new online license server allows Sugars™ Users seamless software access across multiple devices and locations globally.   Users have a totally transformed licensing experience.  This release of Sugars™ also includes continued application improvements and enhancements.

We plan to continue growing for the long-term future. You’re welcome to contact our business about future updates.