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About Sugars International LLC

Sugars International LLC is the premier leader in process modeling and simulation software for the sugar industry. Their innovative software, SUGARS™, has earned an outstanding reputation and is trusted worldwide by companies, engineering firms, and consultants.


The Legacy of Sugars International LLC

In 1984, Warner Weiss founded Sugars International LLC. Two years later, the SUGARS™ software was launched. Early users were quick to embrace SUGARS™ pioneering capabilities, sharing their experiences and insights with the software. It was these loyal and enthusiastic early customers and Sugars International LLC’s reputation for excellence that have driven the software’s widespread success, cementing its position as the world’s foremost sugar process modeling and simulation software.

Following Mr. Weiss’s passing in 2016, Sugars International LLC continues to thrive under leadership deeply committed to our original founding principles. With the invaluable support of highly skilled engineers, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of innovation and software development, ensuring the enduring legacy of product excellence and world-renowned industry leadership.

Sugars International LLC’s Values & Mission

Excellence through Collaboration and Partnership

As an integral part of the global sugar industry, we are committed to achieving excellence through collaboration and partnership. Our shared mission is to model excellence together.

Dedication and Industry Expertise

We are proud of our contributions to the sugar industry over the last 40 years and are committed to continuing our legacy of excellence and leadership.

Modeling the Future

SUGARS™ empowers us to deliver meaningful impact on sugar quality, research & development projects, and sustainability. These efforts further our mission to support solutions for global economic, energy, and environmental challenges.

Sugars International LLC Leadership & Expertise

Meet Sally Wallace:
Owner of Sugars International LLC

Following the passing of founder Warner Weiss in 2016, leadership of Sugars International LLC passed to his daughter, Sally Wallace. Sally carries her father’s legacy with deep honor and commitment. As a seasoned leader, she diligently upholds the tradition of innovation, delivering exceptional customer support, and overseeing top-notch software design.

Sally, accompanied by a team of highly skilled engineers, has steered the successful launch of three major software versions in recent years. Simultaneously, she has spearheaded the modernization of the licensing model, ensuring a continued dedication to industry excellence and the enduring success of SUGARS™ software.

Meet the SUGARS™
Engineering Team

The SUGARS™ team of engineers consists of seasoned sugar technologists with extensive experience in the industry. They deeply understand company-wide production planning and high-level operation modeling. Our engineers excel in process optimization, design, modeling, data historian configuration, and report generation. Their attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of the industry and the SUGARS™ software makes them an invaluable resource for customers seeking expert-level training and support.

SUGARS™ Process Modeling and Simulation Software

SUGARS™ is a specialized software designed specifically for the sugar industry. The SUGARS™ software is the most efficient way to design, improve, and evaluate the processes and equipment used to process and manufacture sugar. Explore how this powerful tool can help you meet goals, accurately predict outcomes, evaluate processes, and make better investment decisions.


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SUGARS™ is a specialized software designed specifically for the sugar industry. The SUGARS™ software is the most efficient way to design, improve, and evaluate the processes and equipment used to process and manufacture sugar. Subscribe to our newsletter to explore how this industry leading software is helping companies around the world achieve their goals, predict outcomes accurately, evaluate processes & equipment, and make informed investment decisions.


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